NARC is a game studio founded by experienced gaming professionals and is headquartered at a secret location in Malta. The CEO is the founder of CCP and creator of EVE Online. The purpose of NARC is considered by most intelligence reports to be world domination by developing a hazardously addictive MMO.
The company is understandably considered a company of great interest and more information about it’s operation will be made available as they become known.

Thorolfur Beck, CEO

NARC is the brainchild of Thorolfur Beck, which among other things is the creator of the highly successful MMO game by CCP – EVE Online. Known for his ingenious powers, he is leading the covert team of experienced lieutenants. Some say he is ruthless in his quest for perfection but in all other aspects considered mostly harmless to other humans.

Chris Deering, Chairman

Chris Deering (AKA Silent Slicer), the founder of Sony PlayStation Europe, has been instrumental in getting this company battle ready through his expansive experience on the battlefield.

Ingi Jensson, CCO

Ingi Jensson has over 19 years of industry experience and staged a well-known escape from Iceland’s toughest prison using a pen and eraser.   It is said that they are still looking for some of the erased guards.

Stefan Alfsson, COO

Stefan Alfsson has an extensive background in finance and start-ups. He is thought to have managed all finances for the well known Icelandic militia “Farmers against Vegans”. Should be approached with great care.